May 2010

Summary: Travis visits. Recharge Spa website migration to Bluehost. Visited Nate and had lunch at his new workplace. Lots of nightlife.

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Sat May 1, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh sliced organic banana, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Cleaned sticky goop and other messes off my car. Said hello to Kamran who was returning home with what looked like an antique radio under his arm. Errands: dropped off laundry with Wendy, picked up shoes from shoe shine, drug store items at Walgreen's, grocery shopping at Safeway (forgot to bring my Safeway gift card along). While running errands I also stopped in to browse at Noriega Furniture. I love that place! The fine furniture is so fine and there's so much of it that it puts a smile on my face just being around it. The sales staff are very friendly, even to me. (I don't think I look like a likely buyer.) I spent only a few minutes in the store, but I lost track of how many times I was acknowledged or asked if I needed assistance after 5 times. I did not know until one of the sales staff mentioned it that there is a downstairs showroom as well. Their collection seemed to be mostly but not exclusively Stickley and Mission. If you're looking for fine furniture you can't go wrong coming here. Cut my hair, showered. Dinner at home: burritos with organic monterey jack cheese, spanish rice, avocado, pinto beans, mild salsa. Recharge Spa web work: mailing list form mods. Installed Thunderbird 3.0.4, began archiving Recharge Spa email in preparation for migration.

Sun May 2, 2010

Made cocoa and regular rice krispie treats (1 batch each). Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh sliced organic banana, organic cinnamon. Lately I've increased my oatmeal consumption by 33%. Before it was 2/3 cup (dry measure) just to get a little more fiber in my diet. Now that Patrick has moved out, I am buying milk in quarts instead of the half gallons we used to have. Brunch at Phil, Drew, and Romy's with Phil, Drew, Romy, Chris, Nate. Gas and car wash at Van Ness and Market. Home. Made risotto with shrimp and asparagus using a recipe from How to Pick a Peach. The risotto box had essentially the same recipe. It took about 45 minutes and now I have way too much leftover risotto. Started with 2 small sweet butter leaf salads with grated organic monterey jack cheese and lowfat ranch dressing, one salad with a torn-up mushroom.

Mon May 3, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with sliced organic banana, fresh diced pink lady apple, organic cinnamon, 1 level tablespoon of brown sugar. To work. Brought rice krispies treats (plain and cocoa) to share. Domain reg renewal followup with Eric and Susie. Updated the pofa-to-ggc map for Cindy. Forwarded a symposium notice. Facelift project: added info for employers for Cindy, sent to Eric and Susie for review. Management activities. Updated a news story for student KW (vimeo). Helped Shirin with a question about setting up access to a 2nd email account. Lunch at desk: leftover risotto. Archived website files to portable hard drive. Spent the rest of the day in PowerPoint working mostly on animations. Student awards dinner: mixed greens salad with walnuts, orange slices, vinaigrette; rice pilaf with assorted grilled vegetables; asparagus; assorted petits fours. Home via DeSoto taxi shared with Lucia followed by the bus. Late meal: 2.2 small burritos with various ingredients as before. Made most of my Facebook information more public than before. I'd always intended most of my info to be public, but automatic privacy settings at some point made it more private than I had wanted.

Tue May 4, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh diced pink lady apple, organic cinnamon. Archived website files to portable hard drive. Management activities. Staff meeting. Lunch at desk: leftover risotto, a minneola. Facelift project work with Eric: cache-control. Let the OSACA see a sneak preview. To home, chatted with a student on the bus. Picked up laundry from Wendy. Dinner at home: large butter leaf salad with grated carrot, sliced mushrooms, grated organic monterey jack cheese, Trader Joe's parmesan ranch dressing. Put clothes away. Dessert: one girl scouts cookie, 3 small pieces of Green and Black's organic milk chocolate with toffee.

Wed May 5, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh diced pink lady apple, organic cinnamon. Spent nearly all of the work day with Eric D on the facelift project: speed improvements. We believe that we resolved a longstanding speed problem with Cufon drawing after a short delay—I had mistakenly put the Cufon replace commands in with our jQuery code. Once we moved it to <head> the slow Cufon issue disappeared. Lunch: leftover risotto, an organic banana. Patrick and I met at the Market and Noe farmer's market where we happened upon Jewelle G and briefly said hello. Dinner at La Med with Patrick: vegetarian middle eastern plate with white bean soup and hot peppermint tisane for Patrick, levant sandwich with white bean soup and mixed berries tisane for me. Web work for Drew. Late meal: sesame bagel (toasted) with whipped cream cheese, one girl scouts cookie, 9 ounces of hot nonfat milk. Answered this question on Formspring: Question: " What's your favorite color? -C." Answer: "Right now, I guess it's brown."

Thu May 6, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh sliced organic banana, organic cinnamon, simple syrup, nonfat milk; Tazo Awake hot black tea. To work: facelift project work: stylesheets. Sent the websteering lunch reminder. Email cleanup and followup. Facelift project work. Sent messages to various groups about Drupal. Small pharm sci web edit for Carol. Rode with Cindy, Lucia, and Shirin to Joel's place to pick him up. We parked in Union Square Garage. Graduation banquet on the 32nd floor at the Westin St. Francis. The glass elevator ride along the exterior of the building scared me—I've never been that scared of heights before. Answered this question on Formspring: Question: "If you could only listen to one song for the next month, which would it be?" Answer: "Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra." Answered this question on Formspring: Question: "How old were you the first time you went to disneyland?" Answer: "I don't know exactly, but I probably first visited Disneyland within the first 5 years of my life." Answered this question on Formspring: Question: "Why are people so rarely satisfied with what we have that we constantly seek more or better? by CacaoBean." Answer: "This question can be addressed on a lot of different levels, but I would first like to question your assumption that people are rarely satisfied. Satisfaction can present itself in many ways, and some of them are not obvious. For example, after buying groceries at the supermarket, you go home and store them away. Do you then go right out and buy more groceries? Usually no—you are satisfied with what you have, and there is no seeking more groceries or better groceries—for a little while anyway. After brushing your teeth, do you brush your teeth a second time? No, because you're satisfied with how clean they are at the moment. If you spend a day thinking about all the ways you are satisfied, you might surprise yourself. It's easy to see dissatisfaction in our lives, and it's harder to see satisfaction because satisfaction is much less interesting. With dissatisfaction you have drama, discontent, problem solving, crime, anger, and so forth. You never see daytime talk shows about families that get along perfectly. Back to your question. The easy answer is that it's human nature. How do we know this? Well, we don't—not for certain. But since we can find dissatisfaction and the seeking of more or better in pretty much everyone, we can make this guess. And if you believe that humans don't yet understand human psychology enough to know why humans act this way, then your question currently has no more correct answer than: we don't know. To me *why* people want more or better matters far less than recognizing that finding more or better does not necessarily make you or others happier. Even if it does, that happiness is still temporary. You could spend your whole life fruitlessly searching for the why whereas recognizing the ways you are already satisfied can bring you happiness today."

Fri May 7, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh diced granny smith apple, organic cinnamon. To work. Helped student KT with a question about listservs. 1-on-1 with Rodney. Chatted with Shirin about digicams and batteries. Facelift project work with Eric D the rest of the day. Lunch at NKRB with Scott E and Eric D. Dentist: I enjoyed my cleaning with Nghi Thu, no problems. To home. Answered this question on Formspring: Question: "How do you have time to answer all these questions? Do you ever sleep?" Answer: "My secret: I don't watch television. Yes—I love sleeping!" Made adjustments to the School's news feed so that dates no longer looked wonky and special characters appear correctly in the new UCSF mobile website at Dinner at home: leftover noodles from NKRB.

Sat May 8, 2010

Woke late—I had set my alarm but mistakenly left it set to weekdays so it didn't ring. Fast breakfast at home: one organic banana, one organic minneola. Worked our graduation ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts. Didn't really have lunch but ate a small tuna sandwich and crackers at the reception (Golden Gate Club), started getting a sore throat that got worse during the day. I believe this was Lisa S's first graduation ceremony with our office. Trader Joe's on Masonic: a few groceries. Canceled going to Quyen's party tonight. To home. Dinner at home: hot partially organic double lemonade with simple syrup, butter lettuce salad with baby heirloom tomatoes, herb crackers and tahini hummus, 1 piece of Green and Black's milk chocolate with toffee. Web work for Drew and Recharge Spa: updated travel medicine page, began creating a new navbar, began coding for a new tranquil art showing. Late meal: .75 cup of nonfat cottage cheese, organic white corn tortilla chips with mild salsa, macaroni with vegetarian chili and organic cheddar cheese, hot organic apple juice.

Sun May 9, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh sliced kiwi, shredded coconut, simple syrup, nonfat milk, a tablespoon of Puerto Rican rum. Did touch-up wall painting in the spare room. Cut my hair, showered. Repaired a sticky bedroom door problem—the door was hitting the door jamb by a millimeter or so, so I shaved it with the Dremel. Vacuumed in the bedroom. Another shower. Web work for Drew: Mailchimp.

Mon May 10, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced pink lady apple, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; hot apple juice with a double shot of lemon juice. To work. Facelift project work: print stylesheets. Lunch from the cafeteria: vegetable stew over polenta, side of carrot coins. To home. Dinner at home: organic buckwheat noodle soup with organic vegetable broth, broccoli, carrot, mushroom, organic tofu, spinach, organic heirloom tomatoes. Disco nap. Testarossa 80s night at Trigger with Emery, Ted, Brett, Matt, Scott, Thomas, Alex, AJ, Julie, and others. DJ Don Lynch seems to be playing the same songs from week to week—disappointing. They gave away a cd "mixtape" of 80s tunes mixed by Don Lynch. Home. Mailchimp work for Drew. Snack: 2 hot tortillas with tahini hummus.

Tue May 11, 2010

Breakfast at home: organic oatmeal with fresh diced pink lady apple, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; hot, fresh-squeezed lemonade with Torani cherry. To work. Facelift project work. Met 1-on-1 with Cindy. Lunch from Carmelina's: burrito #2, tortilla chips, ate in the sun by the library, said hello to Julia C who passed by. 1-on-1 with Eric: facelift project work: stylesheets. Dinner at home: leftover soup from last night but added some shrimp. Recharge Spa web work: tranquil art (Mahan); began Bluehost migration. Snack: tortilla chips, 0.5 cup of nonfat cottage cheese, 1 piece of Green and Black's milk chocolate with toffee.

Wed May 12, 2010

Breakfast at home: nonfat organic yogurt with granola and Swiss red currant preserves. Facelift project work. Doctor appointment with Joseph went longer than I expected. Home. Fast lunch: Joe's Os, side of mixed vegetables, one Girl Scouts cookie. Facelift project work without and with Eric D. Dinner at home: stir-fried organic buckwheat noodles with soy sauce, sake, and steamed vegetables: fingerling potatoes, broccoli, one boiler onion, heirloom baby tomatoes. Made 2 loaves of Caribbean banana bread. Web work for Drew: web host migration for Recharge Spa. Late dessert: 2 Neiman Marcus pastel chocolate cherries.

Thu May 13, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with thompson raisins, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. Shared Caribbean banana bread with the office. Pushed the facelift project live—all is well. Minor post-facelift cleanup. Lunch with Leslie K, John K, Eric D, Carl U, Ed C. IT services meeting: in-the-trenches panel. Met with student RC: computer maintenance: wireless, CrashPlan. UCSFwpa was unwieldy to set up—the student opted to stick with UCSFnet and Network Connect instead. N to the Castro. Stopped in at Body, bought 2 tickets to Industry on Saturday. Dinner at La Med with Scott, Andy, Jeremy. About $30 per person, a very enjoyable meal and evening. We talked about Michael Pollan, outings, San Francisco restaurants, gay cruises, gay day at Great America, Alton Brown, Bill Nye, Russ Parsons, World of Warcraft, tisanes, pronunciations (of "tisane" and "Schlachet" in particular), iPhone, the iPhone dialer application, iTunes, AIDS LifeCycle, forthcoming vacations, more. Home via L. House chores.

Fri May 14, 2010

Stretches. Weight training: one-arm, one-leg, advanced plank. Facelift project followup: news index styling. Management activities. Helped with an IRC issue—some students needed to print a large job to our color printer and some extra supplies were low or missing. Lunch from Panda Express: fried rice, honey walnut shrimp, egg drop soup. My fortune: Your most memorable dream will come true. More facelift project followup. Initiated discussion about implementing the URL shorterner that UCLA is using ( at UCSF. Dinner at home: organic white corn tortilla chips with salsa; organic whole wheat chiocciole with homemade sauce: heirloom tomatoes, garlic, shallots, olive oil, salt, rosemary, sage, tomato juice. Watched Raging Bull (1980) on Netflix DVD.

Sat May 15, 2010

Breakfast at home: a slice of Caribbean banana bread, organic soy milk with simple syrup. Linkchecking for home websites. Errands, house chores. Dinner at home: noodle soup with organic mushroom broth, broccoli, carrots, bok choy, organic tofu, organic udon noodles. Nap. Dancing at Industry at Mighty with John B, Danny, Antuan, Ric, Brad, JY, Emery.

Sun May 16, 2010

Slept in. Brunch at Barracuda with Emery, Shawn, and Neil. Afterwards we walked to Badlands where we chatted briefly with David and others. To home. Travis came over to help me out with some legal paperwork. (Thanks, Travis!) Dinner at Thanh Long with Travis: buddha roll, garlic noodles, mango salad for me, lemongrass chicken for Travis. Dessert: banana cake.

Mon May 17, 2010

Breakfast: 2 slices of Caribbean banana bread. URL shortener service research. Lunch: leftover udon noodle soup. Reviewed Google Sitemaps info. Experimented with SlickMap CSS. To Laurel Heights by shuttle. Web team meeting: reviewed the remaining to do list. To Parnassus by shuttle. Answered a question about listservs for student BG. Dinner: broccoli, bok choy, and tofu stir-fry with steamed white rice. Dessert: one girl scouts cookie, hot nonfat milk. Followup on Recharge Spa web host migration—still not done yet.

Tue May 18, 2010

Breakfast at home: nonfat yogurt, granola, red currant preserves. To work. Facelift project work: news index year adjustment for Susie and Eric. Pointed student JD to email setup instructions for a smartphone. Megadropdown work with Eric D—pulled out code from the facelift, easier than we had thought. Chancellor's Town Hall. HBS and biweekly timesheets workshop. Followup with WeID about Lucia's problematic cardkey. Sought permission to use an image from Sam S at Western. Poster work in Photoshop and InDesign for Cindy. Removed a photo of Joel from one of our web pages. Lots of management activities. WCWG work: sitemaps. Investigated a problem that one person reported viewing our new website—it's a strange one. Dinner at home: leftovers: mango salad, garlic noodles, pasta with marinara sauce, 2 slices of Caribbean banana bread. Web work for Drew.

Wed May 19, 2010

Breakfast at home: nonfat yogurt, granola, wild blackberry preserves. To work. Management activities. Realized that Eric and I forgot to go to Google I/O. It's only $100 for academic people. Followup on cardkey problem for Lucia. Coded web pages for ECAP for Cindy and Susie. Followup with Sam S. Responded to a request from Lisa about check requests—I don't know the answer. Lunch at Ten: bento box special with sabo. Facelift project work: image credit for the background image. Helped Sarah S with WeID problems. To home. Web work for Drew: mail migration. Dinner at home: leftover pasta with marinara sauce, dinner roll. Web work for Drew: mail and web host migration completes, worked on new nav.

Thu May 20, 2010

Stretches. Weight training: superslow dumbbell fly, assorted advanced plank. Breakfast at home: oatmeal with organic thompson raisins, organic cinnamon, nonfat milk; 10 ounces of generic V8. To work. Followup with WeID and Sarah S with WeID problems. Our office celebrated the success of our recent graduation ceremony with a Greek lunch with food from Park Gyros—yummy and filling. Brief food coma. Mark B got back to me today on an email problem I reported on September 25, 2009: "Year 4 PharmD student PL reports that when you create an HTML email message in OWA in IE8 the message displays as expected before sending but when received it displays as plain text in many other email clients including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Hotmail. When the same message is received in OWA in IE8 and Outlook 2007 and Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition, the message displays as expected. The student also says that he or she used to be able to do this with no problem—something changed about a month ago and HTML emails created in OWA in IE8 no longer display as expected in Yahoo!, Gmail, and Hotmail.I was able to duplicate the problem he or she described. Could you please investigate this issue, determine if something about the server changed around a month ago to cause this problem, and resolve if possible, sending me any info you might have on the resolution?" Mark's reply to this problem report: "My apologies in the delay in researching this ticket. I've reproduced the problem and have contacted the email team for input on the cause." Facelift project: image credits for panels, print styles for the navigation page. Pointed student CW to ETS for AV equipment rentals. Management activities. Too tired to cook, so I had dinner at Soi Gow: pad see yew with tofu, hot tea. Muni was painful today. Bus 66 seemed to be down to 1 bus around 6:30 PM and later around 7:30 PM it didn't seem to be running at all. I waited about 10 minutes for bus 44, took it to Forest Hill. It's about 7:50 PM, I think. Next outbound L train in 20 minutes. While waiting, the voice on the loudspeakers said, "2-car L L in 9 minutes. 2-car L L in 12 minutes. 2-car L L in 15 minutes." I looked at the woman sitting next to me, and she looked back, and we both broke out laughing, rolling our eyes, and shaking our heads. "Some system!" she said. To home. House chores: took the trash out, stored dishes. Started laundry, but discovered during the drying phase that the dryer is not working properly, so I left my wet clothes in it, informed the upstairs neighbors via a note, and will call the landlord in the morning. The landlord notified me today that the upstairs neighbors are moving out at the end of June. Dessert: a chocolate chip cookie. Watched Little Miss Sunshine on Netflix DVD.

Fri May 21, 2010

Breakfast at home: (I can't remember for certain—it was probably oatmeal with pink lady apple.) To work. Made live image credit changes for the homepage panels. Also made live the special semisecret navigation page. Left a followup message for the landlord. Listserv management for student MM. Poster project followup with student MA. Lunch from Carmelina's: taco gabi (small taco), little marco (small quesadilla). Facelift project followup. Management activities. Installed Microsoft XP Mode and Virtual PC at work. To home. Chatted with the landlord. He didn't change anything and now the dryer works again—strange. Dinner at home: soft tacos with organic corn tortillas, spanish rice, beans, 2 cheeses, iceberg lettuce, taco sauce. House chores: dishes, folded laundry. Web work for Drew.

Sat May 22, 2010

Dropped the car off at the repair shop for maintenance, then realized that I forgot my wallet. I was on my way to brunch with Nate and Jen, so I figured I would pay to take the bus and figure the rest out later. When I got to the bus, the machine that accepts money was broken—the driver just waved me on. Slanted Door with Jen and Nate—a very nice meal. Decided to not run the errand I needed to run in North Beach. Muni to home. Found my wallet. Picked up the car. To home. Continued installing Microsoft XP Mode and Virtual PC on my iMac at home. Shower, nap. Dancing at Shangri La at Endup with Frank Wild opening and Alexander (LA) headlining. I enjoyed this night. Met David, Jason, Vinh, Steven, and many others. Breakfast at Orphan Andy's: 2 eggs scrambled, wheat toast, grilled potatoes, hot water.

Sun May 23, 2010

Slept in. Breakfast soft tacos: organic corn tortillas, leftover grilled potatoes, leftover spanish rice, organic sour cream. Picked up Danny at the spa. Parked at 5th and Mission garage. Westfield Centre food court: dinner for Danny, a snack for me. I got 2 crispy rolls and a thai iced tea from Coriander Gourmet Thai—$6.02. Dancing at Heaven at Infusion Lounge. Ric asked later how it was. This is what I told him: "My first time. I am told that last time it was dead. This time it was packed. Will it be a new trend? Opening DJ was Alan Bentley. Headliner DJ was Jack Chang (SF debut). Both were good and played pretty standard dance music. There didn't seem to be a dance floor, but Danny told me they opened the back room as a dance floor when we left around—I didn't understand why they kept that room closed for so long. Danny thinks they wanted to make it seem crowded—a good guess. We just danced wherever. Since there wasn't a dedicated dance floor it seemed as though people felt uneasy about dancing. The decor is colored in black and mirrorpolish silver. The lighting is red backlighting and (I think) white halogens—overall pretty dimly lit. Everything looks brand new. I didn't sit, but the booths seemed comfortable. I think the space is unique and that it gives a feeling of luxury. If it were up to me, I think there are too many hard surfaces—the space could benefit from one or two large floral arrangements. Coat check and restroom attendants—no problems. Go-go dancers: very sexy." Met Hiroki, Krystal, Ben, Jason, Andrew, Steven, Keith, Mark and Jason, Kim, Anthony, Phiam.

Mon May 24, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh, diced, pink lady apple; organic cinnamon; nonfat half-and-half; organic nonfat milk; 12 ounces of generic V8. To work. HTML email work. Outlook 2007 and Windows 7 problem: couldn't figure out why the HTML email that displays properly in Outlook 2007 in Win XP appears with red X symbols in place of the embedded images. I found lots of suggestions in web forums but none of them worked. Processed and coded photos for the ECAP branch. Lunch: Panda Express: panda bowl with chow mein, honey walnut prawns. Brought my water bottle. Sat in the sun, almost fell asleep. My fortune: You are wise to keep your eyes wide open at all times. More ECAP edits. Sent the first email to the newly created shorturl mailing list I created. N train to Church. Bought a few groceries at Golden Natural Foods. Pizzeria Delfina with Danny: tuna salad, broccoli raab pizza, escarole calzone. Water and hot water for me, water for Danny. About $52 after tip. Afterwards we got ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery. Danny got a kid cone of salted caramel. I got a kid cone of cinnamon (they had a weird name for it instead of cinnamon) as well as a banana-orange popsicle. Yums.

Tue May 25, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh diced granny smith apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; 12 ounces of generic V8; hot double-strong lemonade with simple syrup. SCWG meeting. Staff meeting. Yesterday Susie asked me to have a look at a VIP's computer to troubleshoot some speed issues regarding our recent website redesign. A quick lunch at desk: pizza slice from Cafe Bellini, $3.50. Sent a test html email template to Sue. Listserv maintenance. Linkchecking. Moderated the kiosk Flickr pool. Sent Sarah an idea for a communicators group project: a strategic plan for communications at UCSF. SCWG work: sent a request to Cindy for dean-level support. Followup with HR—haven't heard from them in over a week now regarding our job posting. Chatted with Susie about ECAP edits. Continued troubleshooting this problem: Upon launch, Appgate Mindterm 3.3 freezes my OS 10.6.3 Mac Pro running VMware Fusion 3.0.1 running Windows 7 Enterprise. I repaired VMware Tools and restarted Win 7—same problem. I checked Java version—it's Java 6 Release 20, the most current version. Gave up for now. Dinner at home: leftover pizza slice from last night; organic southwestern black bean soup with organic sour cream, yellow corn tortilla rounds, and mild, chunky, mango-lime salsa; nonfat cottage cheese; 12 ounces of generic V8. Dessert: 4 pieces of salt water taffy. Laundry. Watched Avatar (2009) on Netflix DVD—hurrah! Thank you, James Cameron. Linkchecking for home websites.

Wed May 26, 2010

Breakfast at home: almond granola. To work. Laptop maintenance for student LR. Installed VMware Fusion 3.1. Both VMs were super slow afterwards. Also, VMware Tools would not install properly in the XP VM. I think the speed problem was not due to the Fusion upgrade but rather to my deleting a bunch of old snapshots in each. After defragging the XP VM it was fine. I can't remember what I did to fix the VMware tools problem, but it took a long time to solve. Met with Sue to review the html email sending procedure. UCSF farmer's market with Eric D. Bought my Muni pass. Lunch: prawn quesadilla from Carmelina's. Continued laptop maintenance for student LR. Management activities. Dinner at home: udon noodle soup with carrot, oyster mushroom, broccoli, spinach, bok choy—everything organic except for the bok choy. Watched 1:43 of Avatar (2009) on Netflix DVD. Installed Fusion 3.1 at home.

Thu May 27, 2010

I can't remember what I ate for breakfast today. To work. Web edits: wireless, photocopying. Completed laptop maintenance for student LR. Lots of email followup today. I can't remember what I did for lunch or dinner today.

Fri May 28, 2010

Breakfast at home: banana-strawberry fruit smoothie with simple syrup; oatmeal with fresh diced pink lady apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. House chores, cut my hair, showered. Lunch with Nate at his new workplace which is simply mindboggling (in the best way possible). I was dizzy from what a great workplace it seemed to be. Dinner at home: leftover pizza, hot goji berry green tea with simple syrup. Continued watching Avatar (2009) the 2nd time on Netflix DVD.

Sat May 29, 2010

Brunch at home: hearts of romaine salad with carrot, oyster mushrooms. House chores and organizing. Dinner at home: organic udon noodle soup with carrot, spinach, oyster mushrooms, broccoli. Ceremony at DNA Lounge: big diva house and house from Jamie J Sanchez followed by Tony Moran, also Jay Santos and Don Tix. Met Alfonso, Matt, Louis, Roland, Antony, Hank, Brandon, Danny. Late meal at Orphan Andy's: spanish omelette, plain water.

Sun May 30, 2010

Slept in. Laundry. Made a loaf of Caribbean style banana bread. Drove to Drew, Phil, and Romy's not realizing that today was Carnavale. Parked at 21st and Fair Oaks, and walked the rest of the way. Ran into Jason S along the way who was carrying a camera (of course) and on his way to Four Barrel. Brunch with Drew, Phil, Lauren, Eunice, Vinh, Chris, Nate, Dong-Yi, Gerard, Benny, Scott, Francis. I had a cow burger and a chicken leg and vegetables, Dong-Yi's chocolate tart. I brought Caribbean-style banana bread. To home. Too tired to do more dancing tonight. Folded laundry. Leftover vegetables.

Mon May 31, 2010

Slept in. Holiday. Breakfast at home: green tea with candied ginger and fresh mint, grilled fingerling potatoes with rosemary, organic egg scramble with organic spinach. Repaired my ski sweater—some strands were too loose on the inside and had pulled loose when I had put it on. I sewed these down with some thread. Chopped up weeds and ivy in the back yard. Set up the laser printer. Uploaded photos. Dinner at home: stir fry with red cabbage, spinach, oyster mushrooms, shallots, garlic; mint juleps. Web work for Recharge: class b compliance (no www).