April 2010

Summary: Patrick and I break up, DrupalCon SF

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Thu Apr 1, 2010

Breakfast with Patrick at Croissant d'Or (504-524-4663, 617 Ursulines Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA): almond croissant, large cafe au lait for Patrick; fruit salad, hot water for me. Walked the French Market and flea market stalls. Patrick said the eating counters were new to him. We stopped at Loretta's. Patrick tasted one praline before approving them as authentic, and then I bought a few boxes of them to take home as gifts. We bought a few other gifts. Watched Smoking Time Jazz Club perform on the street; I bought one of their cds. Lunch at Gumbo Shop (630 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA) where the courtyard was smaller than Patrick remembered but the food was very good. 2 iced teas, bowl of seafood gumbo, combo platter entree (jambalaya, shrimp creole, red beans)—$33 after a $5 tip. Hotel. Nap. Tony D picked us up in his car. We drove to Brocato's and had ice cream and cookies. Afterwards we drove through St. Louis Cemetary, and he pointed out where some relatives of Patrick's were buried. He drove us to his place in the 8th Ward—his decorating skills are impressive. He gave us a driving tour of the 9th Ward. Dinner at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen—Paul Prudhomme's restaurant—where we met Eldric B, who was an excellent server. Patrick had 2 glasses of pinot grigio, fried tomatoes, blackened drum, coffee. I had hot tea; a maque choux (on special); a flatiron steak, medium well; and a hot toddy. For dessert we shared chocolate bread pudding (on special) and pecan pie. I decided to not eat vegetarian for this meal because the vegetarian options just weren't very interesting. K-Paul's was easily the best meal we ate in New Orleans on this trip. All the staff we encountered were relaxed and friendly and seemed to enjoy their jobs. Highly recommended. $126.71, $30 tip, $156.71 total.

Fri Apr 2, 2010

Clover Grill with Patrick. Walked more in the French Quarter. Checked out of the hotel. Airport shuttle to the airport. Patrick and I shared a meal at New Orleans Airport: red beans and sausage, salad, water—$24.03. Flew to Houston. Meal for me in the airport: tuna baguette sandwich from Upper Crust—$8.11. Late meal by myself at King of Thai Noodle: shrimp pad thai, hot water. Home. Installed Apple and other software updates.

Sat Apr 3, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic pear, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Unpacked. Cut my hair, showered. House chores. Lunch: Spanish rice and cheese burrito. Linkchecking for home websites. Watched another 25% of Lust, Caution on Netflix DVD with Patrick.

Sun Apr 4, 2010

Sipped hot honey lemon juice all day long, trying to rid myself of the last of this cold. Lunch by myself at home: tuna mac and cheese, organic corn off the cob. Edited and uploaded photos to Flickr. The scroller ball on my Apple Mighty Mouse became unfixable today, so I swapped it out and attached my old Microsoft Trackball Optical. Dinner at home with Patrick: sockeye salmon on bed of spinach, wild rice mix from Tina. Finished watching Lust, Caution on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Organized the greeting cards box.

Mon Apr 5, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic red apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Reviewed emails. Chatted with Sue A about providing the update from the dean in PDF. Began coding the new update from the dean. Some listserv maintenance. 1-on-1 meeting with Eric. Lunch: rice, beans, salsa, cheese, guacamole burrito from Carmelina's. Painters began painting our hallway today; everything is goldish and beige instead of beige and maroon and black. 1-on-1 meeting with Susie. Web team meeting. Stayed at work late to finish coding the new update from the dean. Dinner at Thaihouse Express by myself: seafood and rice noodle soup, hot tea.

Tue Apr 6, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic red apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. To work. Forwarded messages accidentally tagged as spam. P-card paperwork. Calendar management. Lots of listserv management all day today. MCCA renewal followup for the IRC with Rodney and Valerie. Facebook request followup for Devi and Susie. Helped several students with questions that were sent in during my furlough break. Recommended a panelist to John G for a future IT services meeting forum. Processed timesheets for Rodney and Eric. Several update from the dean edits for Susie throughout the day. ICRD work: ICN?—Regarding this problem described by Tricia on adobeforums: "We have a fillable savable form created with Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. Sometimes the form emailed back to our office and opened in Reader Version 9 appears initially to have blank fields unless you click into the field - you can then see the data. However, you can't print the form with the data displayed and the data seems to disappear when you click to the next field. If using Reader version 8, and if you click the highlight button it acts like a toggle switch to view the data in the fields; however you still can't print. Any ideas on what is causing this and how we can fix it?" I had this exact same problem. When I opened our problematic PDF, then selected File > Properties, I noticed that the PDF Producer field said Mac OS X 10.6.2 Quartz PDFContext. To me, this indicated that the form was filled in using an application that was not Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat and that that other application (presumably Apple Preview) might write the form data to the file in a different-enough manner as to cause the problem observed. Using Bill @ VT's comments (from the same thread), I was able to print the data only by selecting "Form fields only" in the Comments and Forms picklist in the Print dialog. A tedious way to fix this problem might be to use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to open the problematic document side-by-side with a new, empty form, then copy/paste the entries from one to the other. Alternately, you could ask the form completer to do the same, taking care to use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat rather than another PDF application.—Sent this month's websteering lunch reminder. Posted and announced updated schedules for Lucia. Facelift project edits for Susie: make a gift. Copied the Chem 111 website to a new name (PC 111) for Dick S, gave him instructions on the transition. Backed up website data to external hard drives. To home. Repaired a fallen-off button on my Zara coat. House chores. Dinner at home with Patrick: herb and cheese ravioli in tomato cream sauce, hot water. Unplugged the Microsoft Trackball Optical, plugged in an old Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical I had in a box from long ago. Completed our state tax return—we get a refund! Hooray! Switched back to the Apple Mighty Mouse after unsticking it. This time, my solution was to use compressed air while holding the scroll ball in. I also rolled the mouse upside down on its scroll ball and pressed firmly and moved it repeatedly in up-down and left-right movements a whole lot. Edited photos. Monitor image persistence (burn-in) seems to have been reduced over the past 2 days. The solution I used is one not recommended by Apple, but here it is: set the screen saver to Spectrum, set Energy Saver to not turn off the screen, then run the screen saver overnight for one or two nights.

Wed Apr 7, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. To work. Answered questions for students. Web edits for Cindy: orientation, white coat dates. Web updates for Susie: faculty listing. 1-on-1 with Cindy. Facelift project work: picked up where I left off with the sweep, reviewed Eric's implementation of the background image description. Lunch: fried rice, honey walnut shrimp, mixed vegetables from Panda Express. My fortune: If your work is not finished, blame it on the computer. Update from the dean: added an image. Updated the megadropdown code to include a faculty and staff search form. Facelift project: sweeping and stylesheets. To home. Dinner at home with Patrick: delivery from Ninki. Watched 66% of The Protector on Netflix DVD with Patrick. Patrick has been having awful allergy symptoms today. Weeded my Twitter followers. Edited photos. Printed 2 photos for Patrick to send to Dianne.

Thu Apr 8, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. To work. Facelift project work: sweep. Facelift project work with Eric. Lunch by myself at Soi Gow: pad see yew, ice water. Mailed a package, bought wine for tonight. More facelift project work with Eric. Management activities. Housewarming dinner at Chris and Nate's with Chris, Nate, Drew, Phil, Paul, Quyen, Chris G. Home. Edited photos.

Fri Apr 9, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with organic thompson raisins, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. Web edits for Cindy: curriculum requirements. Facelift project work: sweep and validation. Helped students with various questions by email. Management activities. Lunch by myself at Baan Thai House & Wine Bar (415-379-4505, 534 Irving Street), a new restaurant. The service is socially awkward but seemingly competent. The decor is chic and modern. The music is gay dance. The food is delicious. Soi Gow a block or two away seems a slightly better bang for the buck portionswise. Baan brings to the Inner Sunset the sophisticated dining environments more typically seen downtown and in the Mission. Baan could improve significantly by providing a little more social training for the waitstaff. I had pad thai with shrimp (not spicy) and a thai iced tea—about $12.81 then $1.80 for tip ($14.61). Either today or yesterday I showed Shirin how to replace keyboard feet which had fallen off. Facelift project work with and without Eric D. Completed sweep and validation. Management activities (!). To home. Dinner at home with Patrick: breaded salmon, organic corn off the cob (from frozen), leftover wild rice from Tina. Finished watching The Protector on Netflix DVD with Patrick.

Sat Apr 10, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk; 16 ounces of generic V8. Chatted with Tina on the phone for 48 minutes. House chores. Late lunch, errands, and Trader Joe's grocery shopping at Stonestown. It was my first time eating at California Soup Company. I didn't understand why they didn't have trays at the counter for me to take my food away after I ordered and paid for it. Half egg sandwich, tomato bisque, bread. Home. Unloaded groceries. 16 ounces of hot lemon ginger echinacea lemonade. Dinner at Drew, Phil, and Romy's: Mediterranean platters. Dropped Danny off at home, visited briefly. Late snack: 8 ounces of hot lemon ginger echinacea lemonade, short piece of organic rustic baguette, cucumber-dill tzatziki, organic white corn tortilla chips.

Sun Apr 11, 2010

Waited in the rain for an hour for brunch at Boogaloo's with Drew and Romy. (Not worth it, but I didn't complain.) Drew shared with me his secret for successful and efficient management. Afterwards the 3 of us chatted with Chris D at his new apartment. Home. Snack: one organic minneola. Dinner: 16 ounces of cold lemon ginger echinacea lemonade, 2 small spanish rice and monterey jack cheese burritos, organic white corn tortilla chips, salsa.

Mon Apr 12, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic red apple, organic cinnamon, organic soy milk; 16 ounces of hot lemon ginger echinacea lemonade. To work. Listserv management. Minor web updates for Cindy: core, pathways update. Web update for Shirin: PID—she caught a problem with the page logic. Began work on student RC's computer. Spent the majority of the day experimenting with speed optimization for the facelift project. Dinner at Miyabi with Danny. Testarossa 80s night at Trigger with Danny and Chris D. Also saw Ted, Brett, and Matt. Late meal: spanish rice and monterey jack cheese burrito, 8 ounces of hot lemon ginger echinacea lemonade.

Tue Apr 13, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh diced organic red apple, organic cinnamon, organic soy milk. I can't remember what I had to drink. To work. Continued work on student RC's computer. Facelift project: speed review. Minor web edits: faculty, facelift, facultyandstaff (business travel). Removed the purchasing section of our website—it was really out of date. Noticed that redirects for ccd, cpg, and ccsc did not all work as expected. Repaired them. Listserv management. Met with student CN about SurveyMonkey. Sent Kirk H my IT training suggestions that I had composed earlier (for Erik W). Followup with Jen L about DrupalConSF tickets. Discovered Google Page Speed—wow, what amazing tools to help web workers speed up slow web pages! Linkchecking. Updated the list of websites with data that Luis T provided. Site monitor followup (biosystems). SCWG followup: pop/imap closure. Lunch today was dos tacos from Carmelina's, one organic minneola, a few pretzels. Snack: one almond rocaesque piece of candy from a 4-pound box of See's that (Don K?) shared with the office. Dinner at home by myself: miso soup with seaweed; organic baby spring mix with organic baby spinach, sliced organic heirloom tomato, organic parsley, grated monterey jack cheese, lowfat ranch dressing; organic white corn tortilla chips; Trader Joe's mild salsa that isn't mild; 8 ounces of hot lemon ginger echinacea lemonade; hot water.

Wed Apr 14, 2010

Doctor appointment. Stopped at the Kaiser farmer's market, bought a gift and some produce. Telecommute day. Management activities. Facelift project work: speed research. Lunch at home by myself: a salad similar to yesterday's dinner but with some organic nonfat cottage cheese. Dinner at Phil, Romy, and Drew's: Phil cooked pot roast, baby bok choy stir fry, steamed rice. (I did not have the pot roast, but it looked and smelled delicious.) Bought a neti pot at Walgreens with a few other items. Home.

Thu Apr 15, 2010

I ran out of oatmeal so today my breakfast was 2 organic, cage-free eggs scrambled with sliced yellow bell pepper, sliced organic heirloom tomato, Trader Joe's mild salsa that isn't mild, organic black beans, Bearito's organic taco seasoning, leftover Spanish rice. To work. Continued work on student RC's computer. Minor web updates: grads email. Calendar management. Facelift project: speed research. Management activities. Helped Marie with getting some info she needed. Lunch at Arizmendi Bakery where I ran into student and fellow food-lover TY: spinach, red onion, and manchego pizza; housemade tabouli, organic lemonade. Management activities. Met with student RH about various computer issues. Met with Eric D to go over mostly the facelift project. We also chatted on the phone with Susie about it. Followup with student RC. Management activities. Dinner at home by myself: Russ Parsons' Southern Comfort Soup (using organic lacinato kale, organic swiss chard, baby bok choy, organic carrot, roasted garlic, organic onion, salt, pepper, organic vegetable broth) with Kashi 7-grain pilaf from Tina.

Fri Apr 16, 2010

Breakfast at home by myself: plain nonfat yogurt with wild huckleberry jam, cottage cheese, hot homemade lemonade with 1 tablespoon of raw cane sugar. To work. Biotech email invite work for Sue and Susie. 1-on-1 with Rodney. Calendar management. Management activities. Followup with student RC. Helped out Dick S with a question about migrating Eudora messages and viewing HTML messages. Installed TweetDesk (desktop). Completed a data request for Cindy and Bob D. Submitted an application for our office to receive credit card payments to Toni S. 1-on-1 work session with Eric D. Announced web hosting maintenance. Followup with Alumni Services regarding alumni email. Name change work. Management activities. Sent an update on our supp app project. Delivered a spreadsheet to Susie to enable her to tag our news stories. Set out of office notices for voicemail and email. Left work really late (8 PM). Dinner at home by myself: organic white corn tortilla chips, Trader Joe's not-mild mild salsa, cucumber-dill tzatziki, leftover soup from yesterday, hot water. Used a neti pot for the first time—uncomfortable at first, but seems to be well worth the trouble.

Sat Apr 17, 2010

Early breakfast with Patrick at Toast Eatery. One look at the menu and I knew this was a restaurant run by smart people. They have rich, comfort-food choices, and they also have healthier choices. I don't know when this restaurant opened, but everything looks new and very clean. Our server was Jessica, and she was very attentive but a little too soft-spoken. I had trouble hearing her, even with only one or two other tables occupied. Later I visited Filoli Mansion and Gardens followed by lunch in Woodside at ? with Paul M, David M, Irene M, Stephanie H, Angela, Craig. So many fun moments with this group today! David did a great job driving. Home. Flickr Uploadr crashed while uploading photos, so I installed the latest version and tried again, and it succeeded. Uploadr has crashed on me so many times I never trust it but I haven't been bothered enough yet to try to find a different solution. Prepped for DrupalConSF which starts with training tomorrow at 8 AM in Moscone South. Removed a large mosquito with our Australian spider catcher.

Sun Apr 18, 2010

Breakfast: oatmeal with fresh organic diced red apple, organic cinnamon. Rode Muni to downtown. The L driver said the train would not go past West Portal. They had a shuttle bus, but it still took over an hour door-to-door for me to get to Moscone South. Day 0 of DrupalCon 2010 at Moscone South in San Francisco with Eric D and Susie L. Today was all-day training which I spent with Nate Haug from Lullabot learning about theming. Registration was problematic because there were 4 theming classes and nothing told me which of the 4 I was supposed to be in. Figured it out eventually, got to the room, and there was no place to sit. Eventually others left because they, too, were in the wrong room, and from then on it was mostly very good. Snack: a minneola that I brought with me. Lunch was provided, and I had vegetables in a spinach wrap; potato salad; iced tea with lemon; chocolate toffee crunch. The meat meals seemed to have more food—a piece of fruit that wasn't included with the vegetarian meals. Chatted with Eric D during lunch. Chatted with Eric D and Susie L after the sessions were over. Jeff and Susie gave me a ride home. Chatted with Tina then Nate on the phone. Dinner at home by myself: herbed crackers with tahini hummus; large baby spring mix with organic parsley, organic heirloom tomato wedges, mushrooms, orange bell pepper, green garlic dressing; hot water. Reviewed the DrupalCon schedule and made my selections and created my custom schedule.

Mon Apr 19, 2010

DrupalCon day 1 of 3. Lunch with Susie L, Eric D, Luis T at Ming's. Met Lucy, Luis's wife. Dinner with Chris and Nate at Paxxia Pizza.

Tue Apr 20, 2010

DrupalCon day 2 of 3. Lunch with Eric D at Chaat Cafe #4 (415-979-9946, 320 3rd Street). Chaat Cafe had delicious food but my experience was lamentable because of improper timing of the delivery of dishes. After Eric's food arrived I waited perhaps 15 or 20 minutes before mine arrived. I knew there was a problem when we sat down and the table next to us had one person with a meal waiting patiently to begin eating, 3 others without meals, and the 3 others were craning their necks toward the kitchen. I rolled my eyes a few minutes later when I saw that the lunch special I had ordered was delivered to the table next to us—a table which had also arrived after us. A few minutes later I overheard one of the servers calling my receipt number into the kitchen asking where it was—I knew that it was not even being prepared at that point. The deliverator who eventually brought my meal did say "sorry," and ironically sorry is how I feel about Chaat Cafe #4 right now—I am sorry that I won't be returning anytime soon. Breakfast at home by myself: oatmeal with fresh sliced organic banana, organic cinnamon. Dinner at home by myself: large mostly organic mixed greens salad with organic heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables.

Wed Apr 21, 2010

Breakfast at home: plain nonfat yogurt, Mad River Farm mixed berry preserves, granola, sliced banana. DrupalCon day 3 of 3. Lunch with Carl U, Eric D, Tyler R, Jason, Leslie K at Bill's Kitchen and Teriyaki. I had miso soup, vegetable ramen, and ice water. Dinner at home by myself: small organic salad with lowfat ranch dressing, organic mac and cheese with organic Trader Joe's vegetarian chili. The chili was too spicy for me but I ate it anyway.

Thu Apr 22, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh, diced organic granny smith apple, hot water. Facelift project work all day: print stylesheet. Lunch at desk: organic salad with diced organic heirloom tomatoes, water. Stayed late at work. Dinner by myself at Panda Express: Panda Bowl with fried rice and honey walnut shrimp, plain water. My fortune: You are the key to your own success. Home. Patched holes in walls and other house chores.

Fri Apr 23, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh, diced organic granny smith apple, hot water. Spent all day working with and without Eric D on facelift stylesheets and related work including server optimization work (mod_deflate, eAccelerator, caching). Lunch: Trader Joe's organic lentil and vegetable soup. Management activities, including chatting with Nate on the phone. Listserv management. Updated the graduation ceremony map. Worked unusually late. Late dinner by myself at Nan King Road Bistro: pad thai with tofu and shrimp, jasmine green tea.

Sat Apr 24, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with organic thompson raisins, organic cinnamon, hot water. Wrapped a gift. Midmorning meal: leftovers. Cut my hair, cleaned the bathroom, tidied the house. Lunch: medium organic mixed greens salad, organic nonfat cottage cheese, hot water. Errands via Muni: post office: mailed a gift, complained to post office (supervisor?) Luis about receiving snail mail for people who lived near me; dropped off shoes to be shined; hardware store for a light bulb and paint supplies. Relaxed at Kabuki Springs. Grocery shopping at Golden Natural Foods. Muni home. Replaced a light bulb. Snack: organic pita bread, cucumber-dill tzatziki, tahini hummus. Made a small batch of simple syrup from organic raw cane sugar. Snack: unsweetened organic soy milk with organic simple syrup, organic white corn tortilla chips. Dinner at home by myself: sockeye salmon, sauteed fingerling potatoes. Adjusted the Netflix queue. Watched two-thirds of Paris, Je T'aime on Netflix DVD.

Sun Apr 25, 2010

Breakfast at home: black beans omelette with organic parsley, diced organic red onion, grated organic monterey jack cheese, mild salsa. House chores: laundry, vacuuming, cleaned the spice drawer. Lunch: medium organic mixed greens salad with orange bell pepper, organic heirloom tomato wedges, organic green onions, shredded parm-reg, organic broccoli, nonfat ranch dressing; leftover potatoes; organic pita bread; tahini hummus; unsweetened organic soy milk with organic simple syrup. Snack: one piece of milk chocolate with toffee bits. Ironed the freshly laundered bed sheets, lightly starching the edges which had gotten extremely wrinkled. Fluffed pillows, which had gotten clumpy after washing. Pulled weeds. Showered. Began organizing the pantry. Dinner at home: a stir-fry: organic extra firm tofu, baby bok choy, baby spinach, garlic, green onions, steamed rice, black sesame seeds, chicken-based sauce. (I'm still using up the animal-based foods.) Finished watching Paris, Je T'aime on Netflix DVD—charming, filled with talent, good-to-excellent short stories. Dessert: one Girl Scouts cookie, hot nonfat milk.

Mon Apr 26, 2010

Slept in. Breakfast at home: masala cream of wheat with simple syrup and organic nonfat milk, hot english breakfast tea. Announced that Patrick and I have decided to end our domestic partnership. Organization, painting prep, and house chores at home. Testarossa 80s night at Trigger with Ted, Brett, Matt.

Tue Apr 27, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh diced organic fuji apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Early lunch: breakfast burrito from Carmelina's ($3.50). Updated the SCWG wiki with our proposed computer requirements for fall 2010. Listserv management. SCWG meeting. Fire drill prevented me from getting back in the building to do work for perhaps 30 minutes. Student awards dinner AV setup prep for Cindy. Coded pages for new computer requirements. Web updates: computer funding request form. Snack: one Ghirardhelli truffle. Lots of facelift project work: homepage print styles. Snack: an organic navel orange. Chatted with Susie about web stuff. Dinner at home: leftover stir-fry and steamed rice. Edited and uploaded photos.

Wed Apr 28, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh sliced organic banana, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. Stretches. Weight training: advanced one-arm one-leg plank. To work. Completed print stylesheet work on our facelift project. Followup on student awards dinner AV setup for Cindy. Added Rodney and Eric as admins to our 2 shared office laptops. Linkchecking. Management activities. Chatted with Eric D about a new announcements archive page. Web update: entering students page, new new student page. 1-on-1 with Cindy. Management activities. Decided to ask DLS to install PGP full disk encryption on our 2 shared office laptops within the next 4 months. Web updates: board of advisors for Paula. Bought an IronKey 2 GB at the techstore, played with an iPad for the first time—very nice. Bought some snacks: soy crisps, honey green tea Honest Tea. Facelift project work with Eric D. We resolved a problem in which IE8 in compatibility mode would crash after a few seconds of mousing around on our new homepage. It took us a long time to track down the line of code causing the problem because the debugger gave us nothing—it seemed like IE7 just plain couldn't do simple math. Eventually we figured out that one function was being called repeatedly when it should not be. The solution we eventually found was Ben Altman's jQuery resize event. To home. Drove to Chris and Nate's where I ate some crackers and drank some water. From there, we 3 took BART to Jen's. She drove us to Old Oakland where we had a very delicious dinner at Le Cheval. Service was unacceptably inattentive, but we didn't let it ruin our meal.

Thu Apr 29, 2010

Breakfast at home: oatmeal with fresh diced organic cripps pink apple, organic cinnamon, organic nonfat milk. SCWG work. Management activities. Web Communicators Working Group meeting. Working lunch with Susie at Palio: ECAP. Web edits: wireless. Linkchecking. Connected with Devi about the alumni email announcement. Facelift project work with Eric. More management activities. Muni to PDR's. Dinner at Drew, Romy, and Phil's: Phil cooked dinner: lamb (for the others), crab-stuffed salmon, steamed white basmati rice, bread with tomato sauce and cheddar cheese. Romy, Drew, Phil, Susu, Yara, Sam, April, and Einstein. I fell asleep on Muni on the way back and missed my stop. Had to walk back 6 blocks before continuing up the hill.

Fri Apr 30, 2010

Helped Cindy with pcard activities. Followup activities with Stephen. Pharm sci web edits for Carol. Talked with Frank T about a contract programmer. Eric and I powered through a lot of facelift project work. At the end of it we are feeling we are ready to launch! Dinner at Fuzio with Ben, Andy, Scott, Herman. Taxi to Ted and Emery's with Ben, Andy, Herman. Andy shared a secret Castro parking tip. YouTube karaoke at Ted and Emery's with Ted, Brett, Matt, Damon, John, Ben, Andy, Herman. Taxi with Ben and Herman. I gave Herman a ride to his car from mine. Late meal at home: Trader Joe's paneer tikka masala with spinach basmati rice, hot water.