Thursday, June 28, 2007

Usual oatmeal breakfast. Computer maintenance for Chris: num lock light, printer goes offline randomly, set up new treo, Nortel vpn doesn't work, how to read a 3-inch cd (aka 80 mm cd aka 3-inch cdrom aka 80 mm cdrom) in a slot-loading cdrom drive such as with a macbook pro? (Answer for the last problem: must use a plastic adapter such as Memorex 311123-00 aka ASIN B000M52EW0.) New computer configuration. Did research on Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Couldn't log in to the new computer using the domain admin account. Resolved it by logging in as local admin, changing the computer to a workgroup instead of a domain, restarting, renaming the computer, restarting, then rejoining it back to the domain. Bought money, then Muni passes. Lunch at Hahn's Hibachi by myself: bbq chicken sandwich, vegetable kabob, about $8.40, and a $1.60 tip. Stopped at the hardware store to buy more padlocks for the office. Treo 755p setup for Chris. Had OL-ERR errors appear in Palm sync log after attempting first synch. Resolved it using the outlook /resetfolders solution described in solution ID 31167 on Got Bluetooth working, too—had some trickiness to resolve with the virtual COM port, though. More new computer configuration. Began reworking inventory data into a new Excel spreadsheet. Dinner at home with Patrick: red pepper and mushroom chicken drumsticks, broccoli and cheese risotto, steamed broccoli, Grace Bakery odessa rye bread and Smart Balance. Shopped online. Worked on Tina's website: added Flickr photos. Weight training: bench dip.