Monday, June 25, 2007

Restarted the server which was steady at 100% cpu probably due to large filesize copying over the network and a problem with smc.exe (Sygate). After restart, the server is fine. Online backup research. Small web edit: choosing a domain name. Linkcheck. LGBTI viz work. Began prepping the new cdrom for fall 2007, mostly licensing work. Submitted QuickTime, Flash, Shockwave, Windows Media Player. Helped Joel with a printing problem that even puzzled me for a few minutes. In Word, a setting can be saved with a document to always make it print to a multipurpose tray instead of the default tray. To remove the setting, in the Print dialog click the Options button in the lower left corner, then find the setting and set it to the appropriate tray. Helped Scott find files on our server. Began supp app preparation. More cdrom prep work. OS X and Parallels maintenance for the MacBook. OAAIS suggestions for Heidi: final review and edits and send. New Dell computers have arrived today. Haven't had time to touch them yet—maybe tomorrow. Today I brought in my own liquid soap to use in the restroom because in the past week the custodial crew has switched soaps in the soap dispensers and the new soap smells really awful. Home: dinner at home with Patrick: lemon oven-roasted chicken, corn on the cob, rice pilaf. Dessert: lemon vodka cake, raspberry sorbet. Patrick used a new recipe for the corn, something about salt and sugar and the salt making it crunchier—it was really good. Processed photos, chatted with Nate on the phone. Patrick picked up a new pair of dark blue Levi's Hesher jeans on sale for half off at the Levi's store. He says the sale continues for the next week and urged me to get in to try on some jeans. Flickred.