Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Usual oatmeal breakfast. Lunch: special at You See Sushi. Computer maintenance: adjusted power save settings for some computers. Dinner at home with Patrick: Safeway roast chicken, salad, and noodle salad. Dessert: Trader Joe's caffe latte frozen bar. Started watching House of Usher (1960) but the DVD just stopped playing about 30 minutes in (and VLC gave an error message for a few seconds and then subsequently closed without further warning—that's not very Maclike!). Removed the DVD from the Mac Mini. Started up the Windows computer, but it took so long Patrick decided to go to bed, and I decided to set up the Sony DVD player we had bought a few weeks ago to resolve these problems. Got it working. Now I just need a longer S-Video cable. At the same time, since the rack was opened up, I moved the cable modem and the router to the UPS—I wonder how I neglected to do that before. Chatted with Nate on the phone. His first 2 days at work were mostly orientation and mostly very busy. Chris and Nate have decided to switch their phone numbers from 808 to 415 area code. They didn't get the apartment they had applied for, so the search continues. Chris signed up for City CarShare today. Woo! Sent Patrick instructions for using the DVD player. My order from shipmycontacts.com arrived recently despite the fact that they failed to use the address I provided. I told them "513 Parnassus Avenue, Room S-960, UCSF Box 0150" and they used instead "513 Parnassus Ave Rm 150." Also, I specified zip code 94143-0150 but they used 94143-2205. I still received my order—luckily—but this experience leaves me uncertain about whether I will purchase from them again. It reminded me of my experience with ordering directly from Tom's of Maine—there a human read the address I submitted electronically and manually typed it into their ordering system. I never ordered from them again. My shipmycontacts order took 9 days to arrive, which seems fast to me considering they got the address wrong. Home inbox down to 9 messages. Archived, organized, and shredded documents. Late meal: leftovers.