September 2002

Summary: Lodestar Quarterly releases its 3rd issue, Amy and David sleep over, Pete and Kim get married at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay

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Sun Sep 1, 2002

Oatmeal for breakfast. Nap. Leftover couscous and scallops and marinara pasta for lunch. Went to Brian and Kelly's for Mikiko's birthday. It was me and Patrick, Brian and Kelly, Nico, Brian and Adrian, Jesse, Eric and Brian, Simon and two others who accompanied him. We all went to see Baraka at The Castro Theatre. The show was in 70 mm—wondrously beautiful. Afterwards, we all went back to Brian and Kelly's to talk and listen to Belly, Pizzicato Five, and Portishead.

Mon Sep 2, 2002

Lunch with Patrick and Sam at Fresca. Patrick did Chinese homework. I caught up on e-mail and read the news and read from The Page Turner. Emergency ramen meal. Went to Brian, Adrian, and Nico's place on Twin Peaks. We ordered Hunan Garden and played video games on XBox.

Tue Sep 3, 2002

Finished setting up Mike Lemont's computer. Finished mastering Macintosh software CD-ROMs. Reviewed new schedules for Debrah. Prepared technical services materials and slideshows for orientation. Tina sent me e-mail today saying she wanted to have sex with Lenny Kravitz after seeing him perform live in concert. Dinner at home with Patrick: pan-fried teriyaki salmon, steamed rice with black sesame seeds, corn with lima beans.

Wed Sep 4, 2002

Completed the 2nd draft of the student database table design and form design. It looks nice so far. Must begin importing data tomorrow. Made some changes to the entering students page for James and sent them to him for review. Lunch with Joel at Nan King Road Bistro: Shanghai noodles for me, his usual for him. He had 4 hours of television scheduled tonight: the 2-hour finale special of American Idol (first season), Big Brother 3, and Jerry Springer. He's betting on Kelly Clarkson to win over Justin Guarini. Dinner at home with Patrick: mahi mahi grilled over fennel bulbs, corn on the cob, baked potato. Worked on Lodestar—bios are in, as well as one fiction story. 18 days until the new issue. It should be enough time, but we're still waiting on some pieces to arrive.

Thu Sep 5, 2002

Worked on the student database again. Showed the second draft to James—he and I spent about an hour fine-tuning. Chatted with Susie about the new page designs we got back from Martha. They look quite workable. Lunch at desk: leftover sweet and sour shrimp and shanghai noodles and steamed rice. Dinner with Patrick at Azteca. Hung out at Brian and Kelly's. Jesse showed us photos from Ripley's Believe It Or Not. We watched Brian and Kelly make burgers for dinner. Makiko had just left for New York yesterday. She left behind some 250-yen books.

Fri Sep 6, 2002

Worked on the data processing document. Inserted vice chair data into the Administration section of the Web site for Susie then sent it to her for review. Dinner with Patrick at Just Won Ton, which, we noted, did not serve just won tons. The food is delicious and very inexpensive: two bowls of wonton soup cost us $10.20! Couldn't figure out what to do tonight, so I ended up taking a nap and Patrick later came to bed, so we stayed in for the night.

Sat Sep 7, 2002

Woke at 3:00 AM, couldn't sleep, so I logged on, read news and e-mail, worked on Lodestar. All the fiction is now out for review. It's 6:37 AM. Patrick woke up and we ate oatmeal for breakfast. We made a few changes to some of the fiction pages. I was somewhat sleepy, so I went back to bed around 8:30 AM and woke up at noon. Patrick had gone to Jumpin Java to study Chinese. I cleaned the shower, the dish holder, put away purchases from Walgreens, vacuumed the bathroom, looked at photos we plan to put online soon. Lunch with Patrick at Round Table Pizza on Portola: vegetarian Guenivere's something something and a large root beer. Grocery shopping at Tower Market. Made edits to Nicola's play. Chatted with Tina, who called from San Diego. Patrick napped for a while, then had the leftover pizza for dinner. Ordered a battery charger to replace the one we had which had broken. Ordered a Kensington FlyLight for Patrick. Prepared new photos for Lodestar. Dinner: macaroni and cheese, lima beans. Looked for Christmas card photo cards and postcards, but didn't find what we wanted easily, so I bought nothing.

Sun Sep 8, 2002

Slept in. Oatmeal for breakfast. Car wash at Divisadero. Shopping and lunch at Japantown. We ate at Kushi Tsuru (1737 Post St, San Francisco, 415-922-9902). We had mushroom and tuna skewers (about $2.50 each), California roll (about $5.25), cucumber roll ($2.95), donburi with tempura shrimp and veggies (about $7). The food was very good, but the service was not very good. After Japantown, we went to the Castro and had coffee at Cafe Flora, then windowshopped around the Castro here and there (bought nothing). Came back home and worked on photo correction for our vacation photos—they're still not all done. One more CD-ROM to go.

Mon Sep 9, 2002

Met with Lorie Rice and a bunch of others for a Web planning meeting for the Center for Consumer Self Care. The meeting went well—they will compile a list of things they want the site to accomplish and we'll meet again in a week. Did a successful test import into the new database using test data. Fine-tuned more of the UI. Made small edits to the orientation document. Helped Chris print a copy of the 9th floor floorplan for the Medical Sciences building from Adobe Illustrator. Verified that Time and Place is installed on Ena's computer. Caffeinated candies and mints sampler arrived from ThinkGeek today—fun! Dinner at home with Patrick: spinach-stuffed green and white ravioli with asparagus and fresh flakes of salmon in a sage cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese. And a twist of lemon. Coded 9 of the 18 poetry works for Lodestar and sent them out for review.

Tue Sep 10, 2002

Worked more on the database—it's changed since I met with Cindy today, so this is now what I call Draft 3. Fixed the problem with Mike Lemont's computer—the motherboard wouldn't talk to any video card so I pulled the hard drive out and stuck it in another Optiplex GX110 and now it's working fine. I submitted my 10-page technical services orientation handout to reprographics for duplication. I checked that the CD-ROM duplication is on schedule with Olde West. I resolved a problem with FlashSwitch—there was a damaged registry key which I fixed using RegClean. Helped Stan with e-mail trouble: he could receive but couldn't send. All his settings looked right, and after much troubleshooting we narrowed it down to something on his computer. He's going to try uninstalling, sweeping the registry, then reinstalling and manually entering in the configuration settings. Lunch at desk: leftovers from last night. Dinner at home with Patrick: pan-seared shrimp with polenta, swiss chard stuffed hors d'oeuvre shells. Finished coding all the Lodestar works and sent them to Patrick for review. Updated computers with Windows updates. Installed spell checking on my computer.

Wed Sep 11, 2002

Lunch with Sam and Patrick at Beijing on Irving. Worked on the database more. Figured out that in Microsoft Access 2002 (from Office XP) you can't put computed fields into a form whose record source is a table—it only works when your record source is a query. Lunch with Sam and Patrick: Beijing on Irving. Mike Lemont came by to pick up his computer. Helped Stan Hill with more e-mail troubleshooting. Helped Mike Lemont with more modem troubleshooting after he got the computer home. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftovers extravaganza! Worked on review corrections for Lodestar. I forgot about Nicola's play, so not everything is done like I thought. After that, we write decks, pull together the new home page, modify the contributors list, and it's all set—we're ahead of schedule so far.

Thu Sep 12, 2002

I wanted to work on the database today, but didn't have any time for it. Staff meeting at 9:30—we mostly went over preparations for orientation, which Joel is handling very adeptly. I particularly enjoyed hearing everyone's gasps of horror when Joel told his story of how he left his pen case at Heather's yesterday. Computer support meeting at 2:00: Mark Jenkins's last CSC meeting, Ellen Amsel presented the Secure Zone plan for ITS, and with the other speakers mostly the same old problems and no new solutions. Dan A. Freeman and a bunch of other people were talking in the back during the presentations making it very hard to hear—how rude! Helped Kristina temporarily move her computer to the desk formerly used by Melissa while her office gets the old desk taken out and the new one taken in. Began revising the student class schedules so that they are easier to read when reproduced 50% (4-up). Debrah had used a really small font which turned even smaller after shrinking, so something had to be done. Dinner at home with Patrick: crab cakes from Tower Market, homemade potato salad. Talked with Steve Miles for the first time in ages after he sent me e-mail yesterday saying he and Bryan had broken up. We got caught up on each other's lives and those of people we knew.

Fri Sep 13, 2002

Set up link checking for all School of Pharmacy—currently 1 live site, 1 development site, and 11 subsites. Also made it pretty, making the first level of pages match our site template. Not too easy, since I was modifying someone else's Perl code—that's never fun. Patrick and I dined at The Olive Garden. He wanted to go because he liked the "free" salad and breadsticks that came with dinner. I pooh-poohed the idea because I remember being disgusted by their handling of wine, which is like Wine for Dummies. (The special wine they offered at the beginning of the meal was their Rosato.) We went anyway, I didn't care that much. We'd arrived at 8:00 PM and didn't get a table until 9:00 PM, exactly as they said we should expect. Patrick had the seafood linguine, and I had the Tour of Italy. Patrick had one glass of sangiovese, and our bill came to about $35 before tip. We were too full for any dessert.

Sat Sep 14, 2002

Woke up at 3:00 AM, couldn't sleep, so I coded Nicola's play for Lodestar and printed Lodestar flyers for Daphne. Nicola's play is easily the longest piece we've had yet, so it took some time even with clever S-and-R. Patrick dragged me back to bed around 6:30 AM after waking from a nightmare. I was tired of working anyhow. Woke up at 10:30 AM, ate leftovers from last night. Patrick had gone to class. In addition to taking Mandarin during the week, he also has a Saturday class called Archaeology of the Bay Area, which is about learning the history and architecture and artifacts of various sites in and around San Francisco. Sounds like fun, he thinks. Tina called me at 2:28 PM to say that she was just now driving up to Disneyworld—she was with Toni from SMI and they were going to meet an executive chef there. "Now that's a big deal!" I said to her. How exciting! Won some office supplies on ebay, saving about $10 over if we bought at Office Depot. Did more ebay shopping and made some bids.

Sun Sep 15, 2002

In Mandarin class, Patrick says he needs 10 adjectives that describe him to help him choose a Chinese name for himself. He asked me what these 10 adjectives would be, and after a few minutes' thought sent him: artistic, loving, loyal, sexy, dependable, perseverent, intelligent, prolific, understanding, and open-minded. Oatmeal for breakfast. Uploaded photos to Sparky's for lunch. Grocery shopping at Safeway. Ran into Jesse at Safeway; he was on break from working at The Gap. Chatted with him a while. Dinner at home with Patrick: leftovers from the Olive Garden, cheese and tomato California Pizza Kitchen pizza (from the freezer section). More uploading of photos to Patrick wrote decks for Lodestar, studied Mandarin, mixed music.

Mon Sep 16, 2002

First day of orientation. Web meeting with Lorie and Susie and the gang about Center for Consumer Self Care. Photocopied handouts and charts for tomorrow's presentation. (I screwed up on my reprographics order.) Picked up CD-ROMs from Olde West—everything came out okay, I think, except there was a font substitution problem on the disc imprinting—not a huge problem. Lunch at desk: a box lunch leftover from orientation: tuna on soft foccacia, strawberries, carrots, a cherry tomato, penne salad, an oatmeal raisin cookie. Coded more pages for the Information for Web Developers section. It took me 90 minutes to get home today; none of the 66 busses seemed to be running, as I waited over 40 minutes before taking a 44 from 9th and Lawton to West Portal, then an L train to home. Our new battery charger arrived today. Dinner at home with Patrick: salmon with spinach and cheese ravioli. Coded Nicola's play for Lodestar, sent it out for review.

Tue Sep 17, 2002

Patrick dreamt last night that he was having drinks with Helen Hunt in a nice hotel's lounge. He asked for her autograph and she said okay but only if she got his autograph as well. The building started falling down and they escaped together by jumping from one ledge to another. During the mayhem, however, people still stopped to ask Helen for her autograph.—At work, went to orientation check-in with Joel, Cindy, and Ena, but Joel decided there really wasn't anything to do, so Ena and I left. Joel, Ena, and I had coincidentally all worn the same kind of shirt: a short-sleeved black placketed button-up. Presented information about the Internet and e-mail at UCSF to entering students. Taught Nilo Shah and Jannie Yu how to edit the APhA-ASP Web site using Microsoft Front Page. Took a few photos with Ena and Joel and Kristina. Made the new Contact Us page live after Susie approved the changes. Dinner at home with Patrick: lemon orzo with fall's first celery and Safeway frozen shrimp. Worked in changes Nicola sent back and added her acknowledgments (forgot to do them yesterday).

Wed Sep 18, 2002

Little Web edits. Helped various students with account problems caused by communication problems at the Registrar's office. Dinner with Patrick and Anthony Ly and Marshall Moore at Thai House (2000 Market). This was the first time we met Anthony, who had just moved to San Francisco from New York two weeks ago. Later we walked through the Castro. The night was unusually warm, and the streets seemed filled with more activity than usual. Patrick and I stopped at Pottery Barn, and I asked a salesperson there: "Does anyone actually buy the denim couch in the window?" to which he replied, "I personally haven't sold one yet," and I smiled and let him off the hook. Patrick and I were horrified when we received their catalog a few weeks back which proclaimed, "Denim—it fits your style" or something like that. Okay, whatever, PB. At A Different Light Bookstore, Patrick bought Edmund White's newest book, "Our Paris"—a memoir of Paris with drawings by Mr. White's deceased lover.

Thu Sep 19, 2002

At work, more of yesterday. Patrick had lunch with Sam and Amy at La Mediterranee followed by coffee at Jumpin Java and strolling down Castro Street. Dinner at home with Patrick: fish in puff pastry, macaroni and cheese. Won ebay auctions for Avery inkjet postcards (4-up on letter-sized cardstock) which we use to create publicity materials for Lodestar Quarterly. We got 800 postcards for about $26.00. In contrast, Office Depot had a box of 200 for $20.00. We saved about $50! We love ebay!

Fri Sep 20, 2002

At work, more of yesterday. Lunch at the student Welcome Picnic in the gym with Joel, Ena, and Deb. Resized and JPEG-optimized 601 student photos with ImageReady in about 8 minutes.

Sat Sep 21, 2002

Spent the whole day finishing up the code for Lodestar Quarterly Issue 3, which went live at 6:00 PM. Patrick and I had Domino's for dinner. He and Sam had a field trip for their archaeology class—it sounded boring from his description: "We hiked for 2 miles to see a mound of dirt and then we hiked back." Native American ruins, he said. Made business cards for Patrick. Captioned new photos in

Sun Sep 22, 2002

Attended the wedding of my friends Pete Williams and Kim Vu at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California. The ceremony took place around 11:00 AM on the bluff looking out across the Pacific Ocean. Pete and I have been friends for over 10 years, since we met while working at the software company called Borland International in Scotts Valley, California. The sky was overcast, but bright—perfect lighting for photographs. I got teary-eyed with romanticism when they shared their personal messages to each other with everyone during the vows. Kim's wedding dress was a bright white, strapless, form-fitting gown studded with pearlescent beads on the front. The guest list was about 60 people—a comfortable size. We met plenty of friends and family of the bride and groom. Except for it being the Ritz, the rest of the ceremony was not ostentatious at all, which I prefer because it focused the importance on the people, the food, and the music to create an enjoyable time, which Patrick and I certainly had. Also a guest at the wedding was my former Borland co-worker Bruneau Babet, who attended with (we think his wife) Linda. I hadn't seen him in perhaps 10 years since his short stint at Microsoft, and was surprised to learn that he's back at Borland and also living in downtown Santa Cruz. The pre-reception hors d'oeurves were: egg rolls, mini crab cakes, and breaded shrimp skewers. The reception was a seated affair with full table service (not buffet) in a corner room of the Ritz with large windows and panoramic views of the ocean. Kim had changed into a silky, bright red traditional Asian wedding dress—Vietnamese?... we're not sure. Small boxes of Godiva chocolates tied with blue ribbon greeted each guest at his or her seat. Crab corn chowder; breadsticks; salad with spinach, frisee, asparagus on a slice of mango (or was it papaya?) and a tangy, beige-colored dressing we couldn't identify exactly; teriyaki sea bass over rice with baby bok choy, French string beans, carrots, yellow and red bell peppers. Dancing followed the meal, with a DJ and small dance floor. The wedding cake was two-tiered white in a seashore motif styled with frosting piped into nautical rope, white chocolate seashells, and a bed of "sand" made from a grainlike, sugary invention. Tiramisu on top, and butter creme with 2 different fillings (mango and ?) on bottom. Coffee and tea at caketime. Of the food, Patrick said: "the soup and main course were very good, the salad was very plain, overall it was adequate food although the fish was excellently prepared, the service was very good and matched my expectations of the Ritz." I thought that although all the food was prepared well (with one exception) it wasn't as creative as it could have been to bring out all the flavors of the foods. The notable exception was the breadsticks: everyone seemed to agree they were inedible, as they were hard on the outside as well as the inside, and it was clearly intended to be the freshly baked kind of breadstick, not the thin, hard, and crunchy kind like you'd see sitting in a tall glass. The sea bass was especially delicious, I thought, which made it all the better, as it's a favorite food of Kim's. As we finished our cake, Kim and Peter were chauffered to their limousine in a golf cart that passed outside the dining room. They waved and we waved back, watching them head for their honeymoon destinations of island-hopping in the French Polynesia (Tahiti). Picked up a movie and q-tips and a frozen pizza in West Portal. Dinner at home with Patrick: Amy's pizza and macaroni and cheese. Patrick studied Mandarin and worked on Second Island final final edits. Watched Monsters, Inc. on DVD with Patrick. It was very entertaining. Excellent animation! Highly recommended.

Mon Sep 23, 2002

Took me over an hour to get to work today. Left home at 8:05 AM. Bus 66 didn't show up 8:08 AM, so I walked to the L line at about 8:12 AM. Just missed a train, so waited about 15 minutes for another. Got to West Portal station about 15 minutes later. Just missed a Bus 43, so waited about 20 minutes for another. Got to work at about 9:12 AM. Web meeting with Susie. My cousin Corinna sent me e-mail today saying she's officially got her PhD now—way to go, Corinna! Lunch with Joel at Nan King Road Bistro. He talked about the new TV season, the interviews for the admissions assistant position, his organization of the forthcoming White Coat Ceremony. I talked mostly about Kim and Peter's wedding. After lunch, just a few straggling issues remained with new student accounts, so I worked on fixing that today. Placed a quote request for digital versions of the student passport photos that we sent to PhotoBooks in Atlanta. Helped Ena and Joel with an Excel issue. Joel was happy to have learned how to print his own mailing labels. (I was, too!) Set up Kristina with info on how to check her email and voicemail when she's away from the office. Helped James reconfigure PharmAdMIT since we broke his setup while trying some things out last week. All better now. Found some more empty boxes in the hallway that are great for glassware when moving, so I snagged them and stuck them in my office, taking one home on the bus today. Picked up money from the ATM, caught a 66 bus home quite fortuitously—it showed up right when I did, and I don't think that's ever happened to me before with the 66. I was quite excited. Wrapped a package of photos for Tina. Dinner at home with Patrick: teriyaki salmon, corn on the cob, thinly sliced cucumbers, almond pilaf. Watched the Monsters, Inc. extras (part of the two-CD collector's edition). There were far more extras than I expected, which made for too many nested menus—it was hard to remember where I was in the CD. It felt like there was more material on the extras CD than on the movie CD. The production quality of the extras CD was excellent. Patrick's favorite part of the extras CD was the short film called "Mike's New Car." My favorite parts: the multi-language clip and the location flyarounds. We didn't have time to watch everything; allocate several hours (I guess) if you want to see it all.

Tue Sep 24, 2002

Plugged Kristina's UPS back in. It had been unplugged since her office furniture arrived last week—she didn't know what it was for. Helped Joel understand how to make beautiful spreadsheets in Excel. He's a very fast learner. Lunch with Joel at Paradise Pizza. We ordered and after about 20 minutes remembered that the last time we ate here there was a long wait. And the restaurant isn't even half full. We had gardenburgers with fries and onion rings. Good food, but not worth the wait. (The chefs at Sparky's kick ass—they'd turn around a similar order in half the time with twice as many customers in the house.) I think this was also the first time I used the men's room in this restaurant. Could not find the light switch at all—had to ask where it was. It was 2 feet below where it should have been, and the practiced roll of the waitresses' eyes was my confirmation that I was a victim of poor design. Printed drafts of a new schedule design for Debrah to review. (Ena said she liked it.) Web planning meeting with Marie Parfitt Patty, Lorie Rice, Molly ("not the actress") Sims, and Susie Levings. Meeting went quickly, we're making progress toward what they want. Susie and Jeff gave me a ride back to Parnassus. Helped Jeff Bossio with e-mail—he couldn't log in and I found out that ITS accidentally closed about 600 e-mail accounts due to an error. They should be restored by morning. Took me an hour to get home on MUNI. Dinner at home with Patrick: crab cakes with aioli, green beans, baked potato, asiago cheese bread. Took care of money paperwork. Uploaded a revised fax form with updated prices for Gail. Scanned in an old photograph of Michael O'Brien I had in the photo safe, then uploaded it to ofoto. Compared the quotes I got for auto insurance last week, put a feeler out with the best offer. Found a PDF on the Web for the user manual of my brother's Minolta Maxxum 7000. I need to read that to figure out how to make it do what I want.

Wed Sep 25, 2002

Cindy and Chris did the First-year Meeting. I helped them set up the laptop and watched the first hour. Lunch with Joel at Pomelo. Installed spell checking for Cindy. Went to Dalva to see Daphne read at the open mic reading, but the reading didn't happen and Daphne didn't show up. Maybe we got the day or time or place wrong? So instead Patrick and I have dinner at Sunflower. We try the "Vietnamese potstickers" for the first time—they are a surprise and a delight. I get vermicelli noodles with chicken and deep-fried spring rolls. Patrick gets the combination stir-fried noodles and a Vietnamese iced coffee. We are very tired taking BART and MUNI home.

Thu Sep 26, 2002

Joel, Ena, and I interviewed 3 people today for the position of admissions assistant. Who will win? Tune in next week! Helped Mike Lemont set up his modem at home. I met his partner Steven. We didn't talk much, but he seemed pleasant. They have an apartment in upper Market with beeline view right down Market Street—breathtaking. Modem got all set up—Tish with Pac Bell Internet helped us out. Lunch: Subway sandwiches to go with Joel. The last part of the day was tying up the ends which had come loose during orientation and the handling of accounts for the entering class. Some updates to the jobs LISTSERVs for Joel. Sent out the links to class websites for review by the affected faculty. Had a great chat with Kirk Hudson about changing passwords for accounts. Daphne told us the wrong date for the reading—it's really today, so Patrick went by himself and we had dinner separately: me having leftovers at home, and him having a burrito at a burritoria around the corner from Dalva.

Fri Sep 27, 2002

Not telecommuting today because Joel and James need training on the laptop and there wasn't enough time to schedule it and keep my telecommute day this week. I think I haven't telecommuted in 3 weeks now—oh, well. Patrick showed me a new idea for a story he has which he calls "Rice Queen." Tina decides to quit smoking after visiting her dentist.

Sat Sep 28, 2002

Woke up around 5:30 AM from a bad dream. I had parked on the street corner at a corner store and ran in to get something and when I came out my car had been burgled. The driver's armrest was unattached at one end. The door was slightly ajar. I approached the door and then I woke up. Patrick woke and left for archaeology class. I went back to sleep and dreamt again. This time I was driving in downtown San Jose and getting very sleepy at the wheel. Things looked more and more like a mirage and then I woke up. It was a very short dream. Amy and David come over tonight for a slumber party sleepover. We started by making 2 kinds of cookies: coconut pecan chocolate chip and plain chocolate chip. We ordered 2 large Domino's pizzas: one was pepperoni and mushroom and the other was mushroom and green bell pepper. We played Taboo. We did face masks (except for David). We played Hearts. We watched Baraka on DVD. I fell asleep in the middle of the film.

Sun Sep 29, 2002

Breakfast with Patrick, Amy, and David at home: delicious currant scones that Amy and David brought with them. We took a walk to Stern Grove. Patrick and Amy did Shao Lin while David hiked up and down the hills of eucalyptus trees seeing what there was to see. After coming back to our place, we looked at the photos that Amy had taken with her digital camera, then they returned home to Berkeley. Patrick and I cleaned up, then met Glenn Cochran at Folsom Street Fair. We must have gotten there around 3 or 4 PM—late. The fair was fun and no one wanted to hang around in leather bars after, so we went home at about 6:15 PM. I started getting a sore throat that got significantly worse as the day progressed. Leftovers for dinner.

Mon Sep 30, 2002

Home with a sore throat. Wah! Stayed home all day and rested. Leftovers for lunch. Dinner at King of Thai Noodle Restaurant where we got 2 big bowls of chicken noodle soup plus hot tea for a little over $10. Patrick said he was at Sweet Inspirations today to meet with Nicola Harwood when a guy behind him in line for coffee said, "You have the finest ass ever!" So Patrick turned to see if the guy was talking about him, and it seemed he was, but Patrick, still not believing what he heard, said, "What?" and the guy's friend said, "He said, 'You have the finest ass ever!'" at which point Patrick said, "Thank you!" (Patrick was wearing Levi's 527 jeans.)