February 2001

Summary: First anniversary with Patrick, We hold our housewarming party for 302 Junipero Serra Blvd, The 6.8 Nisqually Quake shakes the Pacific Northwest.

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Thu Feb 1, 2001

Job hunting.

Fri Feb 2, 2001

Job hunting.

Sat Feb 3, 2001

Shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond and Stonestown Pottery Barn (mirror and frames). The Muni K Line is out of service today through about May 2003 from St. Francis Circle out.

Sun Feb 4, 2001

Cleaned the bedroom. Did touch-up painting in the bedroom and entry and stairwell. Put up our Europe photos over the sofa in the living room.

Mon Feb 5, 2001

Job hunting.

Tue Feb 6, 2001

Worked more on my resume. Grocery shopping at Tower Market.

Thu Feb 8, 2001

Exchanged email with Kim, a friend of Peter's.

Fri Feb 9, 2001

Worked more on my resume. Brian's Surprise Birthday Party and Brian and Kelly's Informal Signing Ceremony. Made burgers after getting home.

Sat Feb 10, 2001

Set up a shelf over the stove.

Sun Feb 11, 2001

Painted. Lunch at Jitra with Patrick. Read some of Alfred Bester.

Tue Feb 13, 2001

Called the DMV. Sold some Adobe stock. Grocery shopping at Tower Market.

Wed Feb 14, 2001

Met Patrick at Banana Republic. Shopping at Diesel and The Gap. Attended the grand opening of Crate & Barrel at 555 Stockton, bought a throw. Lunch at Briazz. Dinner at Jitra, which advertised a "special surprise for the ladies" on Valentine's Day. Unable to get reservations at other choices downtown, we decided it would be more relaxing to dine at our neighborhood Thai restaurant instead. The surprise turned out to be a nice pair of handcrafted chopsticks made with three kinds of wood and enclosed in a dyed, straw-woven sheath. We noticed, however, that tables with one man and woman got one pair of chopsticks, and tables with two women got two pairs of chopsticks. Patrick and I got one pair of chopsticks. Someone write a call to action!

Thu Feb 15, 2001

Installed the panorama frame in the hallway. Installed the bathroom cubby. Installed a power strip under the kitchen cabinets. Watched Gladiator on DVD with Patrick. Dill-battered shrimp fingers and broccoli cheddar soup for dinner. Brian Kusler sent me this beautiful BART rant today: "So complicated. Oy! You have to purchase an AirBART ticket from one of the ticket vending machines that are located near the exits of the airport. The drivers won't take cash, they'll just send you back inside to buy a ticket from the machine, which can be really annoying given the relative infrequency of the AirBART buses. The ticket machine accepts bills. If you're traveling to Oakland airport, there's no AirBART ticket machine in the BART station, so instead, you have to put a $2 BART ticket into the little fare box. Make sure the ticket you put in the box has only $2 of value on it; they won't give you change! I know it's cryptic—it's a fucking wonder that people take BART to Oakland Airport at all!"

Fri Feb 16, 2001

Errands downtown: Walgreens. Dry cleaners. Picked up alterations at Banana Republic. Picked up a check in the financial district and put it in the mail. Met Patrick for lunch at Caffe Roma.

Sat Feb 17, 2001

First Anniversary with Patrick. Patrick buys a magnetic chalk board and pint glasses. We dine at Aqua.

Sun Feb 18, 2001

Tina and Daniel visit. We eat at Olive Garden for lunch, then Sunflower Restaurant for dinner. We rent The Little Foxes on DVD afterwards (Tina's first DVD experience).

Mon Feb 19, 2001

Lazy day at home. Patrick returned the video and did some writing. I worked on Tina's resume website.

Tue Feb 20, 2001

Shopping: Ikea then Borders then The Art Store then Tower Market.

Wed Feb 21, 2001

Ran in to Marcia this morning. Went to the DMV because they still haven't sent me my driver's license. Bought gasoline. Did laundry. Picked up dry cleaning. Worked on Gail's website. Played Descent 3.

Thu Feb 22, 2001

Visited the Exploratorium and the Tactile Dome with Patrick.

Sat Feb 24, 2001

Patrick and I hold our housewarming party for 302 Junipero Serra Boulevard.

Tue Feb 27, 2001

Resume polishing. I signed up with brassring.com today. Patrick and I have dinner at Tokyo Teriyaki after grocery shopping at Tower Market.

Wed Feb 28, 2001

At 10:55 am today, a 7.0 earthquake centered 30 miles southeast of Seattle and 30 miles underground rocked the Pacific Northwest. I watched the King-5 TV video news coverage over msnbc.com. It becomes known as the Nisqually Quake of 2001. I signed up with dice.com and hotjobs.com today.