September 2000

Summary: Visited Vancouver, B.C. with Patrick; Moved from Seattle to San Francisco; Moved in to Nob Hill Chateau for 2 months

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Fri Sep 1, 2000

breakfast at the port café with patrick. renttech. lunch at rosie's. photocopying patrick's reader at sfsu. dinner at golden dragon with patrick. watched night of the comet (vhs) halfway at aaron's (we got tired and fell asleep) with patrick.

Sat Sep 2, 2000

breakfast at cove café with patrick. renttech. rental drive-bys. frank's benadryl overdose: golden gate park botanical gardens and nap by ocean beach. late lunch at cajun pacific (cajun food in the sunset district) with patrick.

Sun Sep 3, 2000

an earthquake at 1:36 am wakes patrick and me. breakfast at bagdad café. i go to renttech while patrick finishes moving out of sam's. the quake epicenter turns out to be 6 miles from sonoma in the town of yountville. dinner at zuni with patrick (champagne to celebrate his moving out of sam's place). movies at aaron's place.

Mon Sep 4, 2000

labor day. breakfast at the port café with patrick. renttech. hang out with brian and kelly, fish and chips snack takeout from sliders diner, helped patrick pick out new sunglasses, clothes shopping (patrick buys shorts at body citizen, i buy socks at old navy), music shopping (patrick buys olive cds at streetlight records).

Tue Sep 5, 2000

breakfast at cove café. laundry at super clean. renttech. hang out at brian and kelly's. lunch at fuzio. patrick goes to class. dinner with kelly and patrick at tin pan.

Wed Sep 6, 2000

set up temporary post office box. dinner with aaron and patrick at firewood (home of the world's saltiest pastas). met carol, françois, and fred. watched relax, it's just sex (vhs) with patrick at brian and kelly's. hanging out on the porch steps with patrick, brian, kelly, and neil.

Thu Sep 7, 2000

breakfast at the cove café with patrick. patrick teaches class. dinner with patrick at the sausage factory. watched toy story (vhs) with patrick.

Fri Sep 8, 2000

returned the rental car. flew from sf to seattle. pizza and mystery men (dvd) with patrick.

Sat Sep 9, 2000

slept in, lunch at ing with patrick, drug store shopping, radio shack (headset, dc adapter), pasta & company takeout, set up two-way radios, watched romeo must die (dvd) with patrick.

Sun Sep 10, 2000

breakfast at café flora with patrick. packing for the move. leftovers (pizza and pasta) for lunch with patrick. more packing. dinner at dahlia lounge with patrick. (we had potstickers, duck, steak, wine, chocolates done three ways, and coconut cream pie.) star wars trilogy and patrick's first air hockey match at gameworks.

Mon Sep 11, 2000

transferred mac files to a pc disk and sent an emergency birth certificate request for patrick at kinko's. breakfast at noah's bagels. lunch at café hue with patrick. bought boxes at the paper zone. late dinner at kingfish with patrick. packed all day.

Tue Sep 12, 2000

dinner with patrick and mikeob at i love sushi. met with mike.

Wed Sep 13, 2000

lunch at macrina bakery with patrick. packed all day. doctor appointment. dinner at uptown china.

Thu Sep 14, 2000

took the amtrak talgo train from seattle to vancouver, b.c. had a wacky taxi cab ride. checked in to nelson house. lunch at milestones. walked in stanley park and watched a black squirrel harrass an elderly couple. ate pastries from cream puff bakery. dinner at romano's macaroni grill. went to odyssey.

Fri Sep 15, 2000

breakfast at nelson house with patrick. shopped along davie and robson. lunch at hon's wun-tun house. napped. watched snow white (vhs). watched south park (live tv).

Sat Sep 16, 2000

breakfast at nelson house with patrick. horse-drawn trolley tour and the aquarium at stanley park. lunch at the aquarium. returned to seattle via amtrak talgo.

Sun Sep 17, 2000

breakfast at madison park café. cirque de broadway. lunch at la cocina y cantina. dinner at shilla with mikey, jennifer, and bryan.

Mon Sep 18, 2000

breakfast pastries from corner market. picked up a 10-foot truck at ryder. mikey and patrick help me load the truck in 90 minutes. lunch at siam on broadway. napped. dinner with steve and patrick at jitterbug. dessert at dilettante with kevin and shelly.

Tue Sep 19, 2000

breakfast pastries from qfc. finished loading the truck and cleaning the apartment, drove from seattle, washington to medford, oregon. patrick and i stayed at the shilo inn, which we liked a lot because the room was comfortable and because of the many features: sauna, hot tub, steam room, heated pool, complimentary continental breakfast, free newspaper, and adjacent restaurant.

Wed Sep 20, 2000

drove from medford to san francisco, stopped at Mount Shasta for a few quick photos. (seattle to sf: total distance was about 800 miles.) checked in to nob hill chateau. dinner at crackers grill.

Thu Sep 21, 2000

dinner at tempura house where we saw a brown field mouse running around on the floor and freaking out the staff. (we later started calling the restaurant "Tempura Mouse")

Fri Sep 22, 2000

breakfast at the port café. bought groceries at safeway.

Sat Sep 23, 2000

breakfast: patrick makes breakfast sandwiches. moved some of patrick's things from his office to nob hill chateau.

Sun Sep 24, 2000

dinner: indian food from

Mon Sep 25, 2000

breakfast: leftover lasagna for frank. late lunch at café de la presse. patrick at class. takeout dinner from ?

Tue Sep 26, 2000

lunch at la salsa.

Wed Sep 27, 2000

takeout dinner from far east café.

Fri Sep 29, 2000

started getting a sore throat.

Sat Sep 30, 2000

napped. visited a rental showing. hung out with brian and kelly. late lunch at la salsa. shopped for groceries at safeway.