March 2000

Summary: Got my United States passport, Left Adobe

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Fri 3

hotbox (women's night) at aro:space with tina, daniel, and julie. saw joey and his friends jeff and will. danced with paul the flirt.

Sat 4

kk's birthday at desert fire (aka desert storm) in redmond town center.

Sun 5

computing with tina and daniel. napped with mikeob.

Mon 6

dinner at dragonfish: world's largest and thinnest shrimp chip (with the almond chicken dish). yummi mochi bon bon ice cream.

Wed 8

flew to san jose and back to seattle just for the day on business.

Fri 10

tina and i had a stunning dinner at stars (7 course tasting menu, jason in the kitchen, david waiting) then saw mission to mars which was an awful film because it stole elements from 2001, 2010, contact, and the mummy. there was only one really original thing i liked, but i won't say coz it will spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it.

Mon 13

dinner at nikko with tina and jason.

Thu 16

my united states passport arrived in the mail today.

Fri 17

hung out with craig: dinner at galerias, opening night at consolidated works, dessert at stars.

Sun 19

dinner with tina and jason at chinoise cafe.

Tue 21

coffee with craig at torrefazzione.

Wed 22

dinner with tina and jason at honey court (never again because we had to send a dish back 3 times).

Thu 23

lunch with joey at briazz.

Fri 24

unofficial last day at adobe!

Sat 25

spent the afternoon with mikey and erik. ran in to chris and nate on broadway.

Tue 28

official last day at adobe! pick up mikeob from seatac (from his trip to boston).

Wed 29

lotusphere with ann and kelly. dinner with tina and mikeob at new american broadway grill.

Thu 30

dinner with steve and bryan at seattle catch seafood bistro. set up daniel's laptop for tina.

Fri 31

jenn and michelle's housewarming party (phinney avenue north).