February 2000

Summary: Skied at Whistler, Visited the Bay Area and Los Angeles, Met Patrick, Got a new computer

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Tue Feb 1, 2000

dinner with tina and jason at zoopa (northgate mall). tina gives me a holga camera.

Wed Feb 2, 2000

bought a blue ski jacket at rei.

Sat Feb 5, 2000

altitude 2000 avalanche party, vancouver bc.

Mon Feb 7, 2000

skied whistler/blackcomb. met ron herman and his friend gary.

Tue Feb 8, 2000

altitude 2000 comedy night & auction, whistler bc.

Wed Feb 9, 2000

skied whistler/blackcomb. altitude 2000 beach party, meadow park sports centre, whistler bc. met dave the drug dealer.

Thu Feb 10, 2000

altitude 2000 fashion show, whistler conference center, whistler bc.

Fri Feb 11, 2000

skied whistler/blackcomb. altitude 2000 dancing at mountain world, whistler bc. met andrew wells.

Sat Feb 12, 2000

altitude 2000 snow ball 2000, whistler conference center, whistler bc. ran into justin kjerulf and his friends kit, kevin, and doug. also ran into chris (friend of mark lester) and paul the flirt.

Mon Feb 14, 2000

today my dad sends me e-mail for the first time.

Tue Feb 15, 2000

applied for u.s. passport, lunched with kk at chili's and did the microsoft store shopping spree, had dinner with steve and bryan at simpatico.

Wed Feb 16, 2000

flew to san francisco, hung out at the moma store and the metreon, saw fantasia 2000. dined with brian and kelly at the tonga room in the fairmont hotel.

Thu Feb 17, 2000

met patrick for the first time in person. dinner with vicki alcoset at zuni.

Fri Feb 18, 2000

morning tea at spike's with brian and kelly. late lunch at tin pan with patrick. dinner at stars with patrick, brian, kelly, and randy.

Sat Feb 19, 2000

dinner at "my friend" with brian, kelly, and i think randy.

Sun Feb 20, 2000

morning coffee with brian, kelly, jimmy, and damon. jim picks me up in his 318ti—i miss my car. lunch with jim at "on the border" with the world's largest tortilla chips.

Tue Feb 22, 2000

beverages n more then fry's with lani. lunch to go at garden fresh with lani and jeremy. dinner at los gatos brewing company with eric, maia, and pete. sleepover at dexter's.

Wed Feb 23, 2000

took photos at steamer's lane and ucsc. lunch with dex at king chwan. dropped off holga pix at bay photo. walked the pacific garden mall. dinner at costa brava with pete.

Thu Feb 24, 2000

breakfast at hobee's with pete. dinner at toi with don don. saw magnolia with don don.

Fri Feb 25, 2000

lunch at baja fresh then fry's and the getty center with don don. we used gettyshuttle.com and liked it a lot - it was terribly convenient and not too much money. dinner at macaroni grill in santa clarita with don don, aaron, and lisa.

Sat Feb 26, 2000

picked up a new computer at hard drives northwest.

Thu Mar 31, 2000

dinner at ocean city.